CMSC 740 Advanced Graphcis

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CMSC 740 Fall 2017 is taught by an awesome teacher Prof. Matthias Zwicker.    Projects The course project is based on Nori, an educational ray tracer.   Notes Acceleration structures, Uniform grid Object subdivision Bounding volume hierarchies (BVHs) Partition space … Continued


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Noob to Pro Unity Shader Writing Shaderlab – core unity shader language, required in all shaders, very basic CG, nvidia, powerful GLSL, mobile shader, very similar to CG. Float, Half (+-60000 range, 3.3 decimal precision), Fixed +- 2.0 range, 1/256 … Continued

CS344: Parallel Computing

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Parallel Computing Introduction    Here is a simple CUDA program:

To compile it in Linux:

Or in Windows + VS: New CUDA project is the easiest solution to get started, or right click on project build Dependencies … Continued

Interactive Computer Graphics

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Interactive Computer Graphics on Coursera is taught by Prof. Takeo Igarashi. A similar course is Interactive Computer Graphics by WebGL. I also maintain a Mendeley group here for all referenced papers:   1 Graphical User Interface 1-1 Scrolling Interface Igarashi … Continued


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Interactive Computer Graphics with WebGL is taught by Prof. Edward Angel on Coursera Summer 2015. The required textbook is E. Angel and D. Shreiner, Interactive Computer Graphics, 7th Edition, Pearson Education. (I have the 6th version in PDF, feel free to request the password … Continued