Generative Adversarial Nets (GANs)

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The problem statement that is addressed by GANs. Can we build a generative model to create a new faked distribution, so that a discriminator (human) cannot tell it’s fake given the observed distribution? Here is an interactive 2D sketch: The … Continued

CS110 C++ Programming

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Clean code deveopment: * [ Here] is a great C/C++ tutorial. * [ GPROF Tutorial – How to use Linux GNU GCC Profiling Tool]   ==Style== *Clean code deveopment: ==Warning== #pragma warning(disable:4996) ==PCH== # Right-click on your project … Continued

CS475 Algorithm Analysis and Design

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== Treap ==

== Quicksort ==

=== K-th element ===

== Merge Sort ==

  == Fast SQRT ==


MA066 Advanced Algebra I

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Algebra defines, roughly, relationships. See: Matrix Form for Linear Regression For the regression model $$Y = AX + B$$, the coefficients of the least squares regression line are given by the matrix equation $$A = (X^T X)^{-1} X^T Y$$ and … Continued


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Noob to Pro Unity Shader Writing Shaderlab – core unity shader language, required in all shaders, very basic CG, nvidia, powerful GLSL, mobile shader, very similar to CG. Float, Half (+-60000 range, 3.3 decimal precision), Fixed +- 2.0 range, 1/256 … Continued

CS344: Parallel Computing

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Parallel Computing Introduction    Here is a simple CUDA program:

To compile it in Linux:

Or in Windows + VS: New CUDA project is the easiest solution to get started, or right click on project build … Continued