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Interactive Computer Graphics with WebGL is taught by Prof. Edward Angel on Coursera Summer 2015. The required textbook is E. Angel and D. Shreiner, Interactive Computer Graphics, 7th Edition, Pearson Education. (I have the 6th version in PDF, feel free to request the password … Continued

CS307: Operating System

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This class is taught by Prof. Hengming Zou, Ph.D. of University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA In Pursuit of Absolute Simplicity 求于至简,归于永恒     One of my homework…

CS486 Internship at MSRA

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I had a great internship at MSRA for 7 month. I worked with Zhiwei Li and Cai Rui. My final project is:   3DVAR: From 3D Reconstruction to Virtual and Augmented Reality   My farewell letter is here.   Here … Continued