CMSC 702 Computational Systems Biology

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Prof. Hector Corrada Bravo is an expert of BioInformatics as well as a fun of HCI. Our first homework 40% which uses R to visualize the Baltimore data is open-sourced here: Our final project slides and paper: Some great reference … Continued

CMSC 660 Scientific Computing I

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Prof. Ramani Duraiswami provides a fundamental class towards numeric / scientific computing using Matlab. The class might be boring and less challenging if you already master all the techniques. My final project paper (case study chapter of the book)   … Continued

CMSC 773 Computational Linguistic II

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Official Course Webpage: Instructor: Prof. Philip Resnik (resnik _AT_ TA: Raul Guerra (rguerra_AT_ Syllabus: See the schedule of topics. Prof. Resnik is an awesome teacher! He is an expert in not merely natural language processing & linguistics, but he teaches it in … Continued