CHI14C04: HTML5 Game Development

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Parker JimUniversity of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A computer game, in addition to being playable and fun, has all of the characteristics of a modern high quality user interface. The ubiquity of multimedia web interfaces and gamification leads designers and developers to look at how games are designed and constructed. This course will take the attendee from initial concept through design to implementation of a basic web-based game, using accessible high level tools that could also be used equally in a research environment or an undergraduate classroom.


  • The game is a complex gestalt of art, sound, narrative, rules, interaction and design
  • Thorny collision detection algorithm
  • Puzzle is a particularly baffling problem that tests your ingenuity
  • Story is a recital of events
  • Serious Games are games that have a purpose in addition to entertainment
  • Gamification is the use of game mechanics in non-game contexts to create engagement and deal with certain other specific problems
  • GameMaker HTML5…
  • Processing.js



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