CMSC 131 Object Oriented Programming I

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I taught CMSC 131 Object Oriented Programming I in Fall 2013 with Prof. Evan Golub. Here in this webpage, I would like to offer some materials corresponding to OOP.


I think the most efficient way to review a projects is by reading others’ code and then rewrite your new version from scratch. When I participated the National Olympiad in Informatics in high school. I also benefited from senior students’ code. As a teaching assistant, I have written the following projects by myself. So feel free to use my code as a review. The code is to be published after each late project deadline.

The History of the W0r1d (My Code)
Bilingual Cryptography Quiz (My Code)
Flags of the World (My Code)
Photograph Manipulation (My Code)
Martian Polynomials (My Code)
Wacky Rules Poker (My Code)
Animals R Us (My Code)


Naming Convention

Google has a good naming convention for java here

Study Material

Thinking in Java (4th Edition)



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