CMSC 722 Artificial Planning

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Official Course Webpage: (Why spring 2012? We don’t have one for spring 2015…)

Instructor: Prof. Dana Nau

TA: Vikas Shivashankar

Syllabus: See the schedule of topics.

Though Prof. Nau is a distinguished professor and an AAAI and ACM fellow, his class was not perfectly structured and the grading was not perfectly objective and encouraging. So the general advice from many students is please avoid taking this class.

Here are some reviews (written by other students) of Prof. Nau as a teacher in OurUMD:,%20D All of the remarks below are very subjective by some undergraduates; none of them is written by me and I don’t suggest to take it seriously.

His teaching style is to read over his lecture slides (which, granted, are packed with information) pretty much word for word. I found in-class lectures pretty pointless unless you managed to immediately digest and comprehend information at the (pretty quick) rate at which he presents it, and ask tons of questions. You’d be better off pulling up the lecture slides on your own and working through the examples during class time. —CamelCase

I think Professor Nau is a nice person, but not the most effective/organized teacher. —Anonymous

Do not take a class with this professor. His class was very unorganised/unstructured. His lectures were pretty boring. He tried to be helpful, but his teaching style/class structure just works against him. —ajoshi1


See this protected threads for more info. Please enjoy the video and slides of my final project in this class:



Please also enjoy the slides from Prof. Dana S. Nau and Dr. Vikas Shivashankar under CC license:

Something in the end to Prof. Dana S. Nau regarding the book draft. As always, it does not account for any credits 🙂


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