CMSC 734 Information Visualization

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Prof. Ben Shneiderman is a wise researcher and an expert in HCI. There are two exams but both open-book. So print as much as you can and learn at the exam 🙂 Reviews from

Great professor who really knows the material and does a great job of teaching it to students. Very fair on exams and projects, and really treats his students with courtesy and respect. One of the best professors in the University, and a leader in the field of HCI.

The most significant thing I learnt from this course is friendship: I met my dear friends in this course: Kent Wills (Yelp now), Jon Gluck (UMD Ph.D. now) and Tiffany Chao (Amazon now). Miss you guys.

The second thing is color coding and principles like “Overview, Zoom in for details and filtering“.


UISTViz Technical Report


C-Flow Report




Some other resources for HCI statistics for you to take to the exams. (Thanks to Prof. Koji Yatani, my second mentor in HCI at MSRA)



For the book Sketching User Experiences, please visit:

Other resources:

Password upon CMSC734 request.

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