CMSC 754 Computational Geometry

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Prof. David Mount‘s class is full of fun. He is a responsible professor and designs all of interesting exams and homework by himself. He draws very nice picture and neat lecture notes on the whiteboard! Enjoy it! Reviews from

Really enjoyed his lectures. He knows this stuff really well and can explain ANYTHING.


Dave Mount is a really good professor simply because of two things: he knows graphics well, and he is exceptional at teaching.


Great lectures and lecture notes. Comprehensive, lucid, and insightful best described the class. Homework was challenging but quite interesting. Exams were likewise challenging but definitely not impossible if you understood the material. There’s a lot of non-linear thinking involved which is not too uncommon for proof-based mathematics courses but may surprise those coming from a traditional CS background.

This is NOT the official class website. Here is the official one: Prof. Mount shared all lecture notes and homework without solution kindly 🙂

There are 5 very challenging homework in this class. Due to the confidential reason, I cannot share my homework nor the solution here. However, they are available upon request.

Here’s my final cheat sheet 🙂


Here is the textbook from:


All hand-outs:


Some references in the end:

VC-dimensions of random function classes:


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  1. Mellixa V

    Hello there,
    You said you can share your homework solutions upon request? Will you be so kind to do that?
    I am trying to prepare myself better at Computational Geometry:)
    Thank you,
    It will be highly appreciated.

    • grant

      Hi Mellixa, please send me an email indicating your major, university and purpose of solution request to { me [at] duruofei [dot] com }.

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